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Welcome to the Hypnotherapy Website of Cynthia Marsh - cmhypnotherapy....

Are you looking to change your life for the better?
Do you want to start doing that right now?


Looking to shake off the winter 'blues'?  Then why not book yourself onto 'The Happiness Trip' a special set of three hypnotherapy sessions designed to help you learn to relax, be confident and be happy

Cynthia Marsh Hypnotherapist


If you are looking for a friendly and fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and live in the Watford and Bushey area or work or live in and around the City of London, give me a call and make an appointment today

Hypnotherapy can help you if ...
  • you want to change a habit or overcome a phobia
  • you want to improve your sleeping habits
  • you want to take control of your weight and body size
  • stop smoking for the sake of your health and to save cash!
  • you want to overcome those exam or driving test fears
  • or you simply want to learn to relax and gain confidence


'I had tried on many occasions to stop smoking without success.  Having never had hypnosis before I was a little apprehensive about what to expect but need not have been, Cynthia was great at explaining what to expect and immediately put me at ease.  The whole process was actually very relaxing and I haven’t thought about smoking since and am happy to say that nearly five months on I am very happy non smoker.  I was so impressed with Cynthia that I am wondering what other parts of my life she might be able to help with.  I would go back for further hypnosis and would recommend her highly to any one looking for a hypnotherapist'   Shona,  West London

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